Janine Senatore

The Master Plan

In 2012 I found myself the sole owner of my childhood home in Hanover, Massachusetts. A little house on almost an acre of land filled with pine, oak, maple and fur trees, azalea bushes, lilac, Boston ferns, chipmunks, bunnies, deer and birds all over the place --this is where I want to build my pottery studio someday in the near future. I want it to be my respite and a place to share the joys of making pottery with others. A place for workshops and parties and trying not to burn the town down with raku firings. Site It might be a ways off yet, but I know Mom and Dad are smiling down and cheering me on toward ViviLou Pottery Studio on Plymouth Road. I feel them all around me when I am there. May they be blessed in Heaven for providing this heaven on earth for me and my family and friends to continue to enjoy. And for giving me all the love that I apparently needed to become the pretty decent old broad that I am.