Janine Senatore

Artist Statement

I like to think as an artist I cover a bit of ground - maybe too much - I wrestle with pulling myself in, too. I want to and enjoy making purely functional work and purely decorative work. More and more I find that I gravitate toward the melding of them both - function and decoration - cut out patterns in fruit bowls, drawing with glaze on mugs, bowls, including the addition of dancing and swirling handles to jars and urns. Production potters boggle my mind and I openly envy their skill and half-heartedly shoot at making the same thing over and over. Then, again, I allow myself the indulgence of letting the piece, still, sometimes, make itself. I shoot for good craftsmanship, balance, beauty and that certain something that makes the piece interesting and recognizable as an object only I could have created. But, really, if the truth be told, my pottery is something I want to be totally selfish about.

My life has been filled with being told what to do, when to do it and all the f-ing paperwork cover-your-ass crap that goes along with it to feed yourself and keep a roof over my head. OK, I'm taking a number and getting in line with everybody else - nuff said. I just like doing what comes to me with clay. It's so simple it's complicated and it's so complicated it's simple. Sometimes I think endlessly about how I want to evolve as a potter, what I'm going to make, how I'm going to decorate it and then what the hell I'm going to do with it all after it comes tumbling out of of the kiln. Other times when I'm making it my brain is as empty and quiet as the tail end of the universe. Sometimes I give it away to people because I like them or because they are broke and could use a gift. Sometimes I won't take less than $200 for a piece. Sometimes my cat knocks it over and I'm glad I have to throw it away because I have too much anyway. Then there is the mug I made when I was 12 that I still use, and the mug my Mom liked because it was just the right size for her - those I'll keep. So, I just don't want to think too much about it all because ultimately pottery has been my pleasure zone - and so, who the hell wants to think about an orgasm - you just want to enjoy it or be grateful you can still have one.